Sing for Virginia

In the likeness of Music in Our Schools Month, Sing for Virginia is an opportunity for choirs of all kinds to promote excellence in choral singing in our state. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, spotlight Virginia choirs and composers, and connect with each other through videos, photos, and lists. It is an opportunity for directors of young and older, school and community singers, to be active participants and advocates together for Virginia ACDA.

Virginia Choral Composer Connection

In conjunction with Sing for Virginia, we will debut the Virginia Choral Composer Connection. In order to share the great talent and works of Virginian choral composers, we would like to compile a database. We invite you to share your favorite Virginian composers or compositions through a Google Form. If you are a composer, please let us know about your work. The information collected will instantly be available on the Virginia ACDA website for all to see. What a tremendous resource this could be in discovering and promoting the great works of Virginian choral composers!

View the VCCC Database Here

Submit A Composer to the Database Here

How to Participate and Benefits

Participate By…

  • Sharing information about Virginian composers or compositions for our database by using the form found at this link:

  • Performing a song by a Virginia composer

  • Performing a song about Virginia, or a part of Virginia or its history

  • Composing a song – perhaps with your singers! – becoming a Virginia composer

  • Capturing a rehearsal or read-through of a song by a Virginia composer or connected to Virginia

  • …otherwise spotlighting Virginia composers or songs with Virginia-related themes … be creative! Formal performance not a requirement!


  • Register your performance on a list posted on the Virginia ACDA website and detailed in Virginia Harmony, our newsletter

  • Share your song on social media, using the hashtag #ACDASing4VA

  • Receive a certificate of participation and thanking them for their excellence in singing

  • Help develop a database of Virginian composers and compositions

  • Create Awareness for members about the breadth and depth of the membership of Virginia ACDA

  • Awareness for singers about the many ways people choose singing throughout their lives